VISA Credit Card

There’s no need to pay high rates of interest for the convenience of VISA. Our VISA rate is much lower than those offered by national card issuers; and it is the card to turn to when you need affordable, convenient credit. We offer Visa Rates that start as low as 8.9% APR*.

We offer:

  • Free Balance Transfers
  • ScoreCard Rewards
  • Consolidated account statements
  • Online Account Access
  • No Annual Fee
  • 28-Day grace period
  • Worldwide ATM Cash Advances
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Instant Issue

*The annual percentage rate may vary by individual credit.

**It is no longer necessary to notify FGCU if you are planning to rent a vehicle with your VISA Credit Card!
VISA Classic – limits start at $500- APPLY NOW!

VISA Platinum – limits start at $5000-APPLY NOW!

VISA Gift Card

Gives you complete flexibility and convenience when shopping for that perfect gift. The recipient is able to use the Gift Card to purchase exactly what they want! No more gifts that are the wrong size, wrong color, or just plain wrong! Get your VISA Gift Card today!

Some fees and restrictions apply, the card cannot be used at an ATM, at a Pay at the Pump, for Hotels, or Car Rentals.