Two-Way Texting

Text Us!

We have opened up a whole new method of communication with our members. Two-Way Texting allows you to communicate through text with different staff members here at FGCU. For certain situations, a simple text thread is a more convenient way of helping you find out the answer to a question, or tracking down useful information.

Is this like Text Banking?

Although Two-Way Texting is a similar concept, it is used differently. With Two-Way Texting, you are speaking directly with staff members. Similar to text banking, there are keywords you may utilize to find out information that is readily available on our website. However, when you are not using the keywords provided below, you will receive assistance and communicate with different staff members.

Does this cost anything?

Two-Way Texting is a free service we offer our members. However, your mobile phone carrier may charge you standard text messaging fees. Please check with your carrier if you are not sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

How to Activate Two-Way Texting?

All you need to do to opt-in is text our main phone line, 231-798-4321, with your question. If you do not have a question but would like to opt-in anyway just text us one of our keywords listed below.  You may opt-in or out at any time by texting the word STOP.

Text the following keywords to 231.798.4321 to receive an immediate response:

Address – Address to our Ellis Road Branch & mailing address

Apply – Application for a loan

Balance – Provides you with a way to get your balance by signing up for online banking

Branches – Locate a shared or Xtend shared branch

Loan – View our loan rates

Hours – Find our hours of operation for both branches

Membership – Application for membership

Mortgage – Application for a mortgage

Routing – Routing number

Shared – View our savings rates


Because mobile devices are much easier to misplace and are more susceptible to theft, we recommend you secure your device with a password.