Text Banking

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Convenient Banking on the GO

Your mobile device is indispensable, so now you can turn it into an extension of our branches. Take care of financial tasks easily using your phone or tablet. All you need to do is enroll in Online Banking and then download our free app.

Then you can transfer money, send bill payments, and much more. There are also plenty of banking options if your phone isn’t app-compatible but you want to use text banking.

SMS/Text Banking

Provides quick and simple access to your account. Send a text message command and you’ll get a response with the requested information.

Receive banking information in a convenient way by texting us at IM247 (46247)! Stay informed with real-time text alerts.

With Text Banking you can…

  • Send a text message command to receive text message replies regarding the balance of your savings, checking, certificate, loan, and credit card accounts.
  • Enroll in e-Alerts and receive notices regarding account balances, electronic deposits, withdrawals, or when a payment is due.

One-Way Text Alerts

You can set up one-way Text alerts via the e-Alert Subscriptions page, and create alerts similar to your standard e-Alerts:

  • Account balance
  • Notification of an ACH deposit or withdrawal
  • Notification that a loan payment is due
  • E-Notice notification

How much will this cost?

This service is FREE to you however your mobile phone carrier may charge you standard text messaging fees. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren’t sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Getting Started

You can enroll in Text Banking by hovering over the ‘Go Mobile’ button on the It’s Me 247 toolbar.

Click Text Banking to access the enrollment screens.

After enrollment, text commands to IM247 (46247).

Text Banking allows you to stay better connected with your credit union!

The following are Text Banking command examples and their responses. You can also access a list of these commands via a link in online banking during the Text Banking enrollment process. These commands can be sent to IM247 (46247).

{nick} A custom 1-6 character credit union

nickname assigned within It’s Me 247

{#} A predefined 3-digit account suffix

BAL Balance for up to three savings or checking accounts

BAL {nick} Balance for up to three savings or checking accounts, where {nick} is a custom 1-6 character credit union nickname assigned within It’s Me 247

BAL {#} Balance for a specific account, where {#} is the 3-digit account suffix

BAL {nick} {#} Balance for a specific credit union and account combination

STOP Turns off all text banking

STOP {nick} Turns off text banking for a specific credit union account

HELP The customer service number

(Be sure to leave a space between commands)

Secure Your Mobile Device

Because mobile devices are much easier to misplace and are more susceptible to theft, we recommend you secure your device with a password.