Savings Rates

Savings Rates - Effective Friday, November 1, 2019
PRIMARY SAVINGS0.050%$10.00$25.00
SUB SAVINGS0.050%$0.00$25.00
CHRISTMAS CLUB0.100%$0.00$25.00
VACATION CLUB0.050%$0.00$25.00
MONEY MARKET0.500%$2,500.00$2,500.00
MONEY MARKET0.600%$2,500.00$20,000.01
MONEY MARKET0.700%$2,500.00$50,000.01
TRADITIONAL IRA0.800%$0.00$100.00
ROTH IRA0.800%$0.00$100.00

Certificate Rates - Effective Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Certificate TermAPYMinimum Deposit
6 MONTH CD1.010%$500.00
12 MONTH CD1.260%$500.00
24 MONTH CD1.410%$500.00
36 MONTH CD1.510%$500.00
48 MONTH CD1.760%$500.00
60 MONTH CD2.020%$500.00
YOUTH CD1.260%$100.00
SAVE TO WIN0.500%$25.00
6 MONTH IRA CD1.010%$500.00
12 MONTH IRA CD1.260%$500.00
24 MONTH IRA CD1.410%$500.00
36 MONTH IRA CD1.510%$500.00
48 MONTH IRA CD1.760%$500.00
60 MONTH IRA CD2.020%$500.00

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