Your home is one of the most important financial investments you will ever make. Whether you plan to buy, build, refinance, or make home improvements, remember that First General, a Division of Community Choice Credit Union offers a full range of mortgage and home equity loans at competitive rates.

Our mortgages come out on top!

  • Quick Turn Around Time on both new purchases and refinances
  • We make the process simple
  • Common sense lending practices that help members feel comfortable
  • We are constantly striving to say YES when other lenders say NO.
  • Members can make their payments at our branch to post the same day.
  • We’re not cookie cutter lenders – we look at our members unique situation and suggest the best solution for them, not the best solution for us!
  • We make the closing process and simple and cost effective as possible with our no to low closing costs
  • We offer competitive rates that are comparable or better than our competition.
  • For the daily rates call us at 231-220-2209.

*subject to approval

Mortgage Loan Officers Registered with the National Mortgage Licensing System and Registry

Name of Registered Mortgage Loan OfficerNMLS Number
George Cannon III572533
Community Choice Credit Union451369

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Note: This calculator is provided only to give an estimate of your loan. Your payment schedule may vary. This calculator is based on an interest rate less than 10%. Talk to your loan representative for additional details.

Refinance with First General, a Division of Community Choice Credit Union

If you have a loan financed by someone else, you might be paying too much! Bring your loan to us to get refinanced. We like to save our members money and there are many advantages to a loan with us:

  • A fixed interest rate
  • Affordable payments
  • Flexible payment options
  • Low-cost credit disability and life insurance
  • GAP insurance available

For more information on refinancing your loan from another institution, contact our loan department directly at 231-220-2180

Debt is a fact of American life, but we can help you to successfully manage it. Below are 5 tips to set you on the path towards a debt-free future:

  1. Automate as much as possible

Automation takes all the thinking out of debt payment, because the money automatically debits from your account. This makes it harder to overspend, because the money is disbursed immediately. Here is an easy way to automate with FGCU – It’sMe247 Online Banking. This can be accessed through our website or by using our Mobile App.

  • Pay off the smallest balance first

Pay down the smallest balance while paying the minimum payments on the rest of your accounts. Once that account is paid off, add that amount to the next smallest balance, and so on! Keep going until all your accounts are paid in full!

  • Use credit card rewards/points to pay down the balance

Rather than cashing out points on a gift card or transferring the rewards balance into a bank account, many rewards programs will allow points to be applied towards the credit card balance. Using this feature will considerably accelerate how fast you can pay down your debt!

  • Search for credit cards with the best interest rates available, like VISA

Credit cards with lower interest rates mean that more money goes to the principal when a payment is made. This saves you money on interest and slows the growth on your credit card balance. If you stop spending on the account and keep paying your bills, you’ll pay the debt down faster!

If you have a high balance on a card with interest, try to find a zero fee balance transfer offer like VISA. Divide your total balance into manageable monthly payments to help pay down the debt and try not to use the card. If at all possible, don’t even carry the card with you.

  • Consider a debt management plan

A lesser known way of paying down credit card debt is to establish a debt management plan. You can create one by working with a licensed non-profit counseling organization. Those organizations contact your creditors to work out debt repayment terms, and they can usually negotiate lower interest rates and get late and over-limit fees waived. Debt management plans provide structure to consolidate debt payments. Plans typically save a lot of money and pay off debts within five years or less!