Love My Credit Union Rewards

Your membership with First General Credit Union goes beyond your finances. Everything that matters to you matters to us. That’s why we’re proud to offer you perks, discounts and savings on everyday services just for being our member! Check out all the different ways you can save money outside of the credit union on your every day expenses with Love My Credit Union Rewards.

FGCU members earn exclusive Cash Rewards from Sprint. Click here to learn more.

First General Credit Union members can get cash back and discounts at over 1,500 online retailers.
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Save up to $15 on Federal tax products. Click here to learn more.

Members can save hundreds on car insurance with TruStage Auto & Home Insurance Program.
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Receive an exclusive smoke communicator and a $100 gift card with new ADT service. Call 844.703.0123 to receive this exclusive offer. Click here to learn more.