Card Controls

Card controls

Debit & Credit Card Controls

Introducing real-time control over your debit and credit cards through your smartphone or tablet without leaving the FGCU Mobile App!

Lose or misplace your card? Leave it at a restaurant? Temporarily lock it to prevent it from being used by anyone else. Or, if need be, you can report your card stolen.

After you’ve updated to the latest version of the FGCU Mobile App, you will be invited to “Try it Now.”

You can then see a short introduction, informing you of what Card Controls can do when you use it.


Welcome to card controls
Manage cards

From the main screen you can see the locked or unlocked status of your cards.

By selecting one of the listed accounts, critical details of the card, associated accounts, and payment information is displayed.

Also, you can access a Recent Transactions page and review the cards 10 most recent transactions.


From the Card Summary screen, you can temporarily lock your credit and debit cards associated to an account. The process will be identical for credit and debit cards.

A system alert will give you the option to officially lock your card or to exit to the previous screen if the button was pressed by mistake.

Card Controls Lock Cards
Card Controls Lock Cards Success Fail

Once you proceed with locking your card, you will see a window noting the success or failure of the operation.

The status of a locked card will be shown as a red lock icon on the Card Summary and Manage Cards screens.

If you wish to reactivate your card, select the Reactivate Card button.

Reactivate Card
Report Stolen

While reviewing your account via the Card Summary page, you can see an option to select the Report Lost of Stolen Card. Once selected, you will be directed to a number to call to that will move forward with this process.